Stepwell Bokashi Grow Kit
Stepwell Bokashi Grow Kit
Stepwell Bokashi Grow Kit
Stepwell Bokashi Grow Kit

Stepwell Bokashi Grow Kit

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Stepwell Soil and My Good Green Home Co. are now collaborating to bring an easy way to grow organically. This is kit is good for beginners to advanced growers. With this collaboration we will be replacing the EM1 with Bokashi Plus.

Bokashi plus is a composter that promotes the break down of organic matter. The composting effect will increase the nutrient availability in the soil and top dressings. Bokashi plus contains many beneficial bacterias and fungi that is crucial to organic growing, so using this product will help maintain and add microbial life in the soil. 

While using this product, You may experience mycelium growth on the soil (white fuzz) Do not panic, it's organic. This type of mycelium is beneficial to the soil and showing us that the soil and the Bokashi is alive. Top Dressing can be applied on top of the mycelium. 



- All ingredients are organic certified 
- Simple for all levels of growers
- Top dressing and water only system
- Good for seed/clone to harvest
- Indoor/Outdoor/GreenHouse
- No GMO/Synthetic nutrients

Items in the Kit:
- 1 Bale SS-W, 34 gallons loose volume or 127 Litres
- 1 Kg Bokashi Plus
- 1 lbs StepWell Veg Top Dressing
- 1 lbs StepWell Bloom Top Dressing


- Condition SS-W prior to transplant

- 3/4 cup of Bokashi Plus per 7 gallons of soil. Mix the Bokashi into the top 1-2 inches of the soil. Top dressings can be applied at the same time. Bokashi only needs to be applied once.

- 1-3 table spoons of SW-Veg top dressing once a week during vegetative state till pistils start appearing. Apply top Dressing evenly on the surface of the soil. Use 7 gallons pots with soil (indoor garden) 

- 1-3 table spoons of SW-Bloom once a week in flowering stage. Stop top dressing 2 weeks prior to harvest.