My Good Green: Bokashi Plus
My Good Green: Bokashi Plus

My Good Green: Bokashi Plus

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Bokashi Plus™ is an all natural compost accelerator, used to speed up the transformation of food waste and other organics into nutrient rich compost within weeks. The mix is made with non-GM Canadian wheat bran and effective micro-organisms in a molasses and structured water base.

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi has been used for centuries as an alternative to traditional composting methods. Bokashi uses beneficial microorganisms to essentially pickle organic waste, maintaining its high nutrient content, eliminating harmful pathogens naturally and, best of all, creating naturally healthy soil that produces strong, productive, disease-free plants!


Bokashi Plus™ can be used in combination with potting soil to give a richer base for container plants. To do this, simply mix one part Bokashi Plus™ to 20 parts of potting soil. You can also mix Bokashi Plus™ directly into your gardens when planting vegetables and plants.

Pipe and Septic Sanitizing

Due to the active ingredients and microorganisms, Bokashi Plus™ can act as a healthy and safe alternative to septic and plumbing chemicals, such as RID-X. Add ⅛ cup of Bokashi Plus™ to one gallon of filtered water and seal in a container for 12 hours. It can be poured or flushed down sinks and toilets to clear clogs.

Pet Odour Control

Bokashi Plus™ can also be used to help control and reduce odours caused by your pets. Sprinkle a small amount of Bokashi Plus™ onto bedding, outdoor pet runs, or add into kitty litter.