Basalt Rock Dust

Basalt Rock Dust

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Basalt Rock is a volcanic dust from igneous rock and an essential element to any healthy soil. Basalt rock dust has not been processed or had any other nutrients leached as a consequence it has most of the rare elements found in Azomite. In the process of remineralizing soil, basalt rock dust contains micronutrients and trace elements that are crucial to the plant life cycle. 

- A source of Calcium, magnesium, iron and other trace elements
- A complex blend of minerals
- Environmentally friendly
- Low in heavy metals
Store in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. Protect from frost and other climatic extremes. Seal packaging between uses. 


Being a great source of essential minerals and nutrients, rock dusts are essential to healthy plant growth and increased agricultural yields. However, not all rock amendment products are have the same properties. For the overall balance soil health, basalt rock dust is great option.  Through the cooling and solidification of magma and lava, basalt is the rock mineral that makes up most of the soils around the world.

Compared to other volcanic rocks that have slow decompositions rates, basalt breaks down more quickly. Nutrients begin to be absorbe by plants as soon as the roots are in contact. As the rock dust breaks down more nutrients become available, providing a steady flow of nutrients over time.

Basalt has a relatively high amount of silica and decomposes much quicker than any other rock dust, its rate of decomposition is faster than other rock dusts. It’s also a good source of phosphorus & potassium and that will help balance the pH of the soil. It provides some of the lowest sodium levels of any rock dust and is found in great amounts, so generally speaking, it is one of the cheapest rock dusts.

In most cases, glacial rock dust and basalt rock dust together provide a sufficient amount of elements needed for mineralization of a medical garden.