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What is Super Soil?

At StepWell, we take pride in our Super Soil, cultivated with our own special microbes and good bacteria.

Our Super Soil is not simply any average blend of soil, but it is a carefully measured formula of ingredients that is mixed together, and then delicately aged to ensure maximum growth of microbes, bacteria, and Fungi. The cultures in the soil help break down and provide nutrients for the plant.


In healthy soil, microbes work together to gain functional soil and mineralization. The microbes contribute to freeing the nutrients in the soil for the plant to use. In one teaspoon of healthy soil, there can be more than one billion microbes.


Bacteria are the workhorses in the soil. They are a big part of breaking down the nutrients and making them available to the plants. Breaking down minerals that are in the soil that the plant is unable to use and makes them usable.


Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma live along the outside of the roots eating other microbes that want to eat the roots. Mycorrhizae is and inoculant that grows out of the root and helps create a highway for delivering nutrients and making them easier to use.

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