Alfalfa Meal 3-1-2

Alfalfa Meal 3-1-2

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Alfalfa Meal is composed of dried, ground and fermented components of the Alfalfa plant. One of the most beneficial plant-based fertilizers for flowering plants.  Contains minerals and an abundant source of nutrients that can increase the rate of decomposition of compost, accelerating the break down of nutrients in soil.

- Fuels food for microorganisms
- Provides sugars, starches and proteins
- Improves yield and soil condition
- Increase absorption rate in soil
Store in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. Protect from frost and other climatic extremes. Seal packaging between uses. 


Alfalfa meal fertilizers have many benefits to your soil. The NPK value is typically balanced, somewhere around 3-1-2.  There are also many trace elements in this meal which makes your garden thrive.

Vitamins such as A, B, and E are present, as well as minerals like magnesium and iron. It contains sixteen amino acids which play roles in healthy plant growth.

Another major benefit is, Alfalfa meal has naturally-occurring triacontanol. This is a growth hormone the is naturally occurring, stimulates healthy root and stem development in young plants.

To sum it up, Alfalfa meal acts like a multivitamin for your plants. It assists with kickstarting growth through the quick release of nutrients into the soil. With a fast rate of decomposition, it greatly improves soil tilth and water retention.